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Catering as competitive yet socially vital ‘secondary’ service Catering as competitive yet socially vital ‘secondary’ service

09 May 2018

If you run catering services within a University, a College, a School, a Museum, a Sport Centre, a Stadium, a Park, or a Staff Restaurant, you will be faced with a complex operation involving public catering outlets, hospitality and function catering, vending operations and in many cases bar operations. The range of catering/hospitality scenarios can be mind boggling from a finger buffet to a banquet; from a public restaurant/café to high end corporate hospitality. The ability to both manage these complex people-oriented operations and to maintain a progressive strategy of continuous improvement is a daunting task. The challenges are extraordinary:

  • Building high performance leadership and teams
  • Maintaining profit margins in the face of ever increasing costs
  • Ensuring healthy eating is at the forefront of your operation
  • Adopting eco friendly production and service solutions
  • Crafting an ethical catering and hospitality operation
  • Maintaining and improving food and service standards
  • Creating customer and supplier feedback methods to inform continuous improvement
  • Making strategic choices regards delivery models
  • Building effective control systems
  • Getting the marketing mix fit for your short and long-term requirements
  • Ensuring through benchmarking best value practices

These are just some of the important issues that you will be involved in and we know that this is incredibly important that you manage these to a high standard to ensure that your operation grows, is fit for purpose, and maintains a high-quality standard in all aspects.

We have brought to market ‘Catering4Change’ to work with clients who are embarking upon, or are currently involved in change programmes within the catering sector. We specialise in working with clients who have a responsibility for catering operations that may not be the ‘primary’ aspect of their business. We are part of The Cultural Change Company (www.culturalchange.co.uk) and we therefore not only bring extensive experience of front-line catering and hospitality operations, we also bring proven models of change intervention that tackle attitudinal, cultural and leadership issues that often are central to catering change issues. So please do visit our website www.catering4change.co.uk so we may introduce you to ourselves as potential change partners.

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